Customer Commitment

Following the internal labor regulation and the ethics code regulation, COOPEDUC, R.L. has established the clients’ attention and service policies, which are very important for all the collaborators, looking for the excellence and total satisfaction.

The affiliates and customers’ attention and service will be over any emotional attitude of the COOPEDUC, R.L. collaborators.

Each collaborator must do his/her best effort and give the customers the best attention, by means of the following:

  • Having the best attitude for collaboration and loyalty to the cooperative and its affiliates and customers.
  • Using polite phrases at the beginning and at the end of the conversations.
  • Giving the customers a preferential treatment, personally and personified; being polite, without being in familiar terms. Using the phrase “You, Mr. Affiliate” will be obligatory.
  • Neither offering false promises, nor any fraud about procedures or matters that cannot be fulfilled, in certain time.
  • Doing the effort in order to please the affiliates and customers, allowing them to satisfy their necessities and wishes through the performed transactions; offering them the best orientations and suggestions.

The affiliates and clients’ complaints will be solved immediately, and their visit will receive more value, focusing in exceeding the expectations, and guaranteeing their return.

The obligations of all the Cooperative’s collaborators are the following:

  • To keep full respect to their partners and to abstain from intimate with other affiliates, directives, or collaborators of the Cooperative.
  • To offer the same treatment that he/she considers that he/she deserves to receive from others.
  • To exercise his/her duty straightly, honestly, and efficiently.
  • To become a model of efficiency and efficacy, as for your partners as for the affiliates.
  • To keep a proper appearance and behavior, taking into account that it constitutes the main image of the services and benefits that the Cooperative offers.
  • To abstain from criticizing or inducing critics toward his/her partners, not using nicknames, but refer to them by their charges or titles.

Every collaborator of the Cooperative will keep the following behavior:

  • To have a friendly attitude, of open and warm willingness to help toward any person who visits the Cooperative or department.
  • When running into an affiliate or other person in the corridor, he/she will greet them.
  • At the end of every conversation with an affiliate, no matter the reason, he/she must say “Thanks for allowing us to serve you”, or any similar phrase.
  • To treat the affiliate by his/her name and as a human, not as a gender or personal code.
  • To engage seriously to avoid that the affiliates abandon the Cooperative feeling annoyed or disappointed.
  • To try to give a positive impression from the beginning and in every contact with the affiliate. This will help to get better results in the next visit.
  • To manage effectively and positively the stressful situations that arise sometimes with the affiliates.