Préstamos Corrientes

Common Loan

This is a loan to pay for any expense, debts, trips, studies, among others. You can get this loan depending on your needs.

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Mejora Habitacional

Room Improvement

This loan has been created to pay the expenses related to fixes of the house, room improvement, initial subscription and cancellation of mortgage.

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Rápida Tramitación

Fast Transaction

With this loan the associated can get the money as fast as he needs to pay their necessities.

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Especial Escolar

Special School

COOPEDUC’s associate, might be able to get this loan to cover the expenses because of the beginning of classes of your son or daughter.

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Rápida Recuperación

Fast Recovery

This loan is requested three times of the monetary-wage, the associate should be on time with his/her discount and obligation to get this loan.

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Préstamo Crédito Garantizado

Warranted credit

COOPEDUC, gives to its associated this option of loan with warrantee on the saving accounts that are actives and fixed term, taking in account your calculation, since 90 % from the saving account you have.

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Préstamo Computadora, SmartPhone o Tablet

Computer, tablets or smartphones

This is a loan for buying a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Préstamo Urgencia Comprobada

Proved Emergency

This Loan has the purpose to help our associate to cover some expenses such as medical treatment, hospitalization, and funeral, among others.

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Compra de Hipoteca

Purchase of Mortgage

With this loan, COOPEDUC allows you to consolidate all yours debts; you can get this loan depending on the value of the house. Although, you haven’t paid you last mortgage, we offer a new one with better and comfortable interest and we cancelled the last one.

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This is a personal loan, which it works like a warrantee for performance of the payment; the mortgage of a good property.

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Préstamo Superación Profesional

Professional Overcome

This is a loan with the purpose to pay the enrollment of your P.H., Master, and bachelor degree, final project, courses and seminars among others.

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Préstamo Automático

Automatic Loans

Loan for paying any debt, the base for its amount is 90% of your participation not compromised.

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Préstamo Personal con Garantía Hipotecaria

Personal with Mortgage Warrantee

This is a personal loan, which it works like a warrantee for performance of the payment; the mortgage of a good property.

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Préstamos a Cooperativas

Loans to Cooperative Companies

COOPEDUC gives to the other cooperative the facility to get a comfortable financing to the working Capital.

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