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Frequently Asked Questions2019-09-14T22:32:54-05:00
What are the benefits, being associate to this cooperative?2019-09-14T22:41:31-05:00

COOPEDUC has over 110 benefits that you have according to the brochure, or visiting the web page.

How much do I have to save to open an account in COOPEDUC?2019-09-14T22:40:17-05:00

You pay depend on the accounting you wish to open.

Common account:you can open this account with 5.00 dollars and you get the 3.00% of interest yearly.

Rainbow account: you can open this account with 3.000.00 and you get 3.15% yearly (can not be less than the amount estimated to get that interest.)

Two pines saving account:you can open this account with 5.000.00 and you get 3.50% of interest yearly.(can not be less than the amount estimated to get that interest)

Fixed goal account: you can open this account with 20.00 dollars every fifteen days and you get 2.80% of interest.

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How much do I need to save to open a fixed term account?2019-09-14T22:38:24-05:00

To open a fixed term account is about 5.000.00 dollars. At the best interest rate

Who can open a saving account in COOPEDUC?2019-09-14T22:36:43-05:00

All the people who need to open a saving account can do it, is not necessary to be affiliated.

How can I be part of the cooperative?2020-05-28T03:11:45-05:00

Affiliate Entry Requirements:

•Work Letter

•Personal identity card

• Token or checkbook

• Second personal identity document

• Utility receipt

• Contribution fee according to salary

¿Cómo se puede inscribir en la Cooperativa?2020-05-28T02:22:07-05:00

Requisitos para Ingreso de Afiliados:

  • Carta de trabajo
  • Cédula de identidad personal
  • Ficha o talonario
  • Segundo documento de identidad personal
  • Recibo de utilidad
  • Cuota de aportación según salario
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