This is a personal loan, which it works like a warrantee for performance of the payment; the mortgage of a good property.


You must bring copies of the following documents for a PRE-ANALYSIS of a CoopeCASH:

  • I.D. card.
  • Social security card.
  • 2 check book.
  • Copy from your last social security index card.
  • Copy of the property deed.
  • Water, Electricity, or Telephones bill.

Documents needed for a CoopeCASH:

  • Mortgage form complete and signed.
  • Job ID (if applicable).
  • Balance letters updated.
  • Social Security ID.

Documents needed for the cosigner or mortgage warrant (if applicable):

  • Job letter.
  • Copy of I.D. card.
  • Copy of two last payment counterfoil.
  • Copy of last social security record card.
  • Social Security I.D.

Mortgage signing requisites:

  • Proof statements of no balance due of the property.
  • IDAAN’s Proof statements of no balance due.
  • P.H Maintenance Proof statements of no balance due.
  • Municipal Sanitary Proof statements of no balance due.

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