This saving account allows you to deposit and to withdraw freely in both, our headquarter and the other subsidiaries.


It offers incentive to the most saving kid per school; the kid of higher grades at the end of the year; the teacher that had most saving kids in the school and the school that saved the most.


  • Copy of I.D.
  • School saving form completely filled.

Savings Account Interest Rate Table

Type Interest Opening
Common Savings Account 3.00% yearly Open it with B/. 5.00
Rainbow account 3.15% yearly Open it with B/. 3,000.00
Two pines saving account 3.50% yearly Open it with B/. 5,000.00
Fixed goal account 2.80% yearly Open it with B./ 20.00
Youth Savings Account 3.05% yearly Open it with B/. 5.00
School Saving Account 3% yearly Only schools
Christmas Saving Account 3% yearly Open it with B/. 10.00 monthly
Fixed Term Account Al mejor Interés del Mercado Open it with B/. 5,000.00

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