Leyes y Estatutos

1.   Law No.17
2.   Regulation for chapter meeting procedure
3.   Bylaws for Assembly by Delegates
4.   Elections Rules for Directives Positions
5.   Delegates Meeting Rules
6.   Rules for Raffle Gifts during the Delegates Assembly or Chapter Meeting
7.   Associate Members Rules
8.   Special Associate Regulation or Special Member
9.   Rules of Procedure Commission on Resolutions and Recommendations of the Assembly
10.   Rules for Associate or Third Inactive Member
11.   Ethic Code
12.   Regulations Order Rosa Garces
13.   Regulations Technical Certification in Cooperative Business Management
14.   Regulations for the Election of Commissioners
15.   Management Regulations of COOPEDUC, R.L.
17.   Support Fund for Death of Mother and Father of the Member
18.   Regulation for Scholarship Program
19.   Regulation Program of Scholar Aid
20.   Regulation Blood Donation Bank
21.   Regulations On Dos Pinos Savings
22.   Regulations On Arco Iris Savings
23.   Regulations for Fixed Term Deposits
24.   Schoolar Saving Account Regulation
25.   Regulation for Current Saving Account
26.   Regulations for Fixed Saving Goal Account
27.   Regulation for Christmas Saving Accounts
28.   Parliamentay Regimen Regulation
29.   Regulations of Electronic Reservations of Spaces for participation and / or Transportations back and forth, in COOPEDUC, R.L. Mass Activities.
30.   Regulations for training in use of Computers
31.   Nota de IPACOOP sobre Procedimiento de Reuniones Capitulares
32.   Regulation on Surplus Account
33.   Regulation on Benefit Account payable
34.   Nota de IPACOOP del 8 febrero de 2012 sobre Procedimiento de Reuniones Capitulares
35.   Regulation on Social, Cultural and Sporting Commitee (COSOCUDE)
36.   Encuentro de Fundadores y Exdirectivos – Metodología Coloquio
37.   Regulation on Resignations
38.   Regulation support in the purchase of glasses, Associates and Special Member A
39.   Regulation for incentive program Gift Certificate (Regulations Under modification)
40.   Regulations for Management of Consultation, Suggestion and Complaints
41.   Risk Regulation and Credit Management
42.   Regulation of Late Payment and Risk Commission (COMIR)
43.   44. Tómbola diamante (No vigente)
44.   45. Regulation of youth savings account
45.   46. Retiree’s Day Activity Regulation
46.   COOPEDC Statute
47.   FUCER Statute